Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I Found In The Barn.....


you wanna see what I got?!

{if you missed the one about the barn you can read all about it here}

Now, despite the fact that I warned Mr. Shabby 
that since he had decided not to join me on my outing,
he wouldn't be able to tell me not to buy it...

and even though his reply was that there would even be a whole hour in there 
when he'd be totally unreachable...

I didn't manage to find anything huge and expensive to surprise him with.

But I did find a few shabby treasures at very fair prices to bring home with me...

In the first barn...

I found a pair of these iron planters

I loved their 
Frenchy shape and feet
dull metal gray
rusty chipped patina

and their price was hard to beat.

In the second barn...

I walked in and the first table I came to had 

a stack of eight old white Belgian dishes...

they were calling my name...

my dad was with me and said "we'll buy those if you don't". 

Nice try.

And in the last room, in the last cupboard, I found...

this old Dutch tureen

with a wonderful color and aged patina

and a different shape and details 

than most of the ironstone I've come across

It didn't require much thought... I loved her.

I even love her little tag and haven't wanted to remove it just yet...

So there you have it...

my new toy collection.

Yours in all things pale, shabby and reasonably priced,

oneshabbychick ;-}

...if you want to read the one about the barn...
*click here*


  1. Girl~ you scored! Love what you did with it all too!

  2. Dang, you sure have awesome taste, lady! If I went into that barn I would have come out with an antique toilet bowl that I was going to make into a planter someday. Then I'd never get around to it and it would sit in my garage for the next decade collecting dust. Classy. But YOU, you are one classy chick. I love it!

  3. OOOOh drooling, I love each piece. You really got some gorgeous things and you sure styled them beautifully.

  4. This is a great post, thanks for writing it


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