Monday, May 16, 2011

Ain't Nothin' Like a Good Ol' Antiques Barn Sale

I don't know about you... 

but the words "antiques" and "barn sale" make my shabby little heart skip a beat.

So I was a very happy chick when I took a field trip this past weekend...

Met my mom, dad and sis on a pretty farm in the Virginia countryside...

With more than one barn... 

literally bursting...

with European furniture, chandeliers, lighting, china, stoneware, urns, decorative objects,

mirrors, baskets, architectural elements...

it was the shopping trip of my shabby little dreams.

From the photos it appears that nobody was there...

but an hour or so before, you couldn't move in these rooms without saying "excuse me".

There was no time for blog pics..... you had to stake your claim.

You can just imagine what it looked like before they all took their treasures with them...

I found some treasures too...

which I will surely be sharing with you.

{Hint: one of them came from those cabinets against the far wall, above ;-}

It was a fun thing for this family of antique shoppin' fools to do.......

And since I didn't get to properly fête my mama on her birthday last week...

I brought along a little birthday picnic.

There just happened to be a shabby farm picnic table waiting for us...

and our Rhubarb Pavlovas....

It was a great Shabby Family field trip!

more soon,


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  1. I can see at least 30 things I'd love to have in that there barn...sigh..wish I could have gone with you! Especially because I happen to LOVE rhubarb!

  2. Looks like a fabulous place...and rhubarb pavlovas too?! Wow!

  3. Oh my ~ that look's like barn sale heaven. Wow ~ you must have had a wonderful time ~ can't wait to see what you got. I'm going to a barn sale this weekend ;-)

  4. Your photos are so beautiful! Can't wait to see your treasures. Were the prices good? I hear the word "sale" and I think yes, but I see those pictures and think "whoa! expensive!"

  5. oh my...i started my pavlovian drool the moment i read your post title...can you believe i have never been to a barn sale? there just don't seem to be many in my neck of the woods...looks like you had a wonderful nose around...drool.

  6. Baby, you struck gold! I kept finding more and more things with each additional picture, that I would love to own! You lucky thing, you!

  7. My heart is skipping beats just looking at all the lovelies! Thanks for sharing, wish I could go to a barn sale!

  8. Field trip! Field trip!
    Thanks for "taking us there.
    What a treat!

  9. What a wonderful day.
    And great pictures too. Thanks for sharing, I feel like I got to go there with you!
    x Marnie

  10. Oh you lucky thing I would have loved to be there! It looks fantastic. I think I would have been happy with any of the treasures within!

  11. I am loving these photos. The photos remind me of our Round Top Antique Show in Texas. Lovely things and I love the last picture of the road. I just became a follower and tried to add your button to my blog but the code didn't work for some reason. I will be keeping up with your blog.

  12. It's probably a good thing there are 4 states between me and that barn....I would have a hard time containing myself with all those treasures to choose from! And to top it off, an ideal spot for a birthday celebration. Looking forward to seeing what you brought home...I'm sure it is exquisite.

  13. I am so envious of those of you who have these sales regularly. I just wrote today that I am trying to get to my first one this weekend.

  14. Looks like a beautiful barn sale!!! Would love to shop there. Look forward to seeing your treasures.
    ~ Julie

  15. Great pictures! Wish we had barn sales like that around here!

    Following you now. Stop by my blog if you get a chance. Hope you follow me too!


  16. Ohhhh, I'm so jealous! What gorgeous stuff in that awesome barn! Where in VA is this? I'm VA too!

  17. How absolutely wonderful!! Would have loved to shop this treasure trove!

  18. Wow! Great place, wish I could go here.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. good grief, I would like to just move in! What a place. Now I want to see what you came home with! Thanks so much for linking up to VIF!
    xo Debra

  20. Died and gone to heaven kind of place!!
    Can't wait to see what all you got!!

  21. So happy I stopped in...what a wonderful trip!
    Love your last lets one dream away!
    I'll be back to see what you got!

  22. Oh, that last picture was just lovely and truly everything looked incredible! I could have done some serious damage in that place and I can't wait to see your treasures. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday~

  23. You have to LOVE a good barn sale~ wish the beg name ones were closer to me. I love to shop for pretties and am so inspired by these sales.
    :-) Thanks for sharing this.
    ~ Sue


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