Thursday, January 13, 2011

a major Anthro coup...oh yeah, and a birthday, too

You know when you go into Anthropologie, and you stop to check the sale section, and you find something fabulous, that was originally $398.00, and is marked down to $29.95?..... No?!?! 

Well,  then you must come shopping with me sometime... because THAT is what happened to me today.....

But more on that in a moment, because today is also an important birthday in our house....
Mr. Shabby's, in fact, and its a "big" one. 

We've been checking out the sunrise lately and this was his lovely birthday sunrise today...

As soon as everybody was off and running, after the requested birthday breakfast 
{banana oatmeal pancakes and bacon} I got started on a birthday cake. 
I almost let it slide this time and buy one, because I'm busy and tired, etc., etc....

But then I remembered that I lovelovelove to bake, and there's nobody in the world that I'd rather make something special for. So I did it :~}

Action shot. sort of.

I just managed to finish it in time to meet the birthday boy for lunch. 
When it was time to head home in separate cars, I kissed him goodbye and said I was just going to run in to Anthro - cuz it was right there - and check the sale section.......

And that's when I found this fabulous, funky-cool lamp! 
...marked down from 398.00 buckaroos... to $29.95..... 
I'm keeping the price tag to put in my scrapbook {just kidding!}.

What a great birthday gift, huh?! 

Mr. Shabby loves it. {just don't tell him how much it cost ;-)}

It's looking lovely in the bedroom. And I just happened to have this consignment shop shade lying around, waiting for the perfect greige lamp to come along..... done.

Here's our little birthday party scene (complete with chocolate malt cheesecake).
It was a rushed little family celebration.... Mr. Shabby had to run off to work... again.

You see, the Mr. and I are professional musicians, so it seems like somebody is always running out of a family event to go sing or play a concert. 

And that's OK... as long as it's not my birthday ;-)

Happy Birthday to my shabby prince!

more soon, my lovelies...



  1. Ooooo...might need that recipe for chocolate malt cheesecake my dear sister-in-law!

  2. Are you kidding me!?? Great lamp!
    I love Anthropologie!
    I once found a rug there marked down from $125 to $19!!!


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