Monday, January 24, 2011

Feathering My Nest....

Hey there, chicks!... well, I've been busy around here....
feathering my nest (literally!) and preparing for some crazy days ahead.....

It's already been a busy start to the new year... with rehearsals and family getaways and concerts to sing... 
I didn't even have a chance to take down the Christmas tree until this past week. 

But I ended up having *the best time* doing it... 
I put on a new-to-me recording of some favorite holiday "fromage" 
(John Rutter, for my fellow cheese aficionados ;-}) 

the winter sun was beaming into my living room...
I got lost in the music..... and all pleasantly nostalgic for a bit
and finally got that tree out to the curb.....

I put away the lights, and even the seashells, which have been holding down that mantle, like, forever... and tried out my ironstone and some white-washed little pots and moss spheres for a white winter mantle... 
so clean & fresh.

 I even washed all my white slipcovers. It was about time :-}

 The dog makes a beeline everyday for the corner of the sofa that gets the midday sun.....
if I don't beat her to it and put her bed out there, she plops right down against that corner and pretty soon it's the color of her - orangey brown - which actually works with the color scheme... hmmm...

but, anyway, two kids, two adults, one dog, and we actually live in our living room... it was time...

So for a few days, my living room looked something like this... 
and now there are tinylittlefeathers everywhere from the 
down cushions... but I am not complaining..... 

This furniture is one of my greatest scores in the bargain department and one of my biggest "house joys". 
I could never in a billion years have bought this stuff new - it's Montauk, really good, expensive stuff - and I came across the two chairs at my (now!) favorite home consignment shop, marked down to rock bottom... don't ask me why, but they were waiting for me..... 

I snapped them up, not even realizing at the time what fine furniture they were. 
When I bought them, they mentioned that the seller was interested in selling the matching sofa as well, 
if I was interested (!!!!!!!!!!!). Uh, yeah, I was interested.

When I first got the chairs home, I wanted to dye the white slipcovers... they were so blindingly WHITE. 
And I *love* white, but this was a little hard to get used to...
Well, I am so very glad I didn't. Cuz now it's love.

This room is my peace and my rest. 
I start my day here with a cup of coffee, when I'm lucky :-)...
And those two chairs are where Mr. Shabby and I go when we need to unwind, reconnect, pow-wow, whatever's on the plate at the moment...

Inevitably Legos and other toys will get dragged in here...
I recently had an entire neighborhood arsenal of Nerf guns piled on that sofa... 

but I really try to keep it as serene a space as possible. 
I think we all need that somewhere in our lives.....

Which leads me to my next project...
Trip to Goodwill. This week. No ifs, ands or buts.
I can't fit the new stuff we got for Christmas into our petite cottage.
Something's gotta go......

Which really doesn't explain why I had this delivered to my doorstep today...
with something old and white and "fragile" inside... :-}

I guess I better get cracking on that Goodwill trip.

more soon...


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  1. Don't you love when there is a bargain find that no way should still be there? It is truly as if it was waiting just for you.

    I envy your energy and your progress and wonderful results.

  2. Your home is gorgeous, I'm currently going back to this look after several years of dark furniture, I feel as though I can breath again.This look is so much more me. Love your blog.

  3. "Sigh" ... LOVE your new mantel! Beautiful! And the entire room is so peaceful and serene "Sigh" ... LOVE!

  4. Your sofas are absolutely gorgeous and I can see why you would snuggle in for a cup of coffee. What a perfect place to start your day! I definitely have sofa envy.

  5. Okay, I'm lovin' the white couches. I might have to get started on a slipcover for mine now. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my chair.

  6. Thanks so much, everybody! It's so much fun to get this kind of feedback from you all. I am off to do some thrift and consignment treasure-hunting! Will report back... ;-)

  7. I love your slip-covered chairs & sofa. I need to invest in some myself - it's certainly much easier to wash them than it is the whole piece of furniture! ::Jill

  8. Oh how I love your white couches. I am nagging no I mean asking (Quite often) to be able to buy some as they are so gorgeous

  9. Don't you love it when the perfect furniture just appears like that, wanting you to take them home. Like your decor style for the change of seasons creating such a cozy spot to sit and enjoy.

  10. Wow what a score!!!
    I love slip cover furniture because you can WASH it!
    Mine is getting so old, and the cats have destroyed the corners! I need new stuff!
    Lucky you finding yours!!!
    Your living room looks beautiful!

  11. Did you find the sofa or did it find you? Like how they say that cats choose their owners.mmmmm? I'm so glad I found your blog via a Beach Cottage Wednesday. Looking forward to following. X Marnie - Australia

  12. Thanks, ladies! Yes, washable slipcovers are the way to go, in my opinion. Bleach-able ones, even better! Oh and Oxi-Clean is amazing stuff, too.
    Marnie, I love that... it felt a little like that, like it was *meant to be* :-)

  13. love your home...LOVE the sweet freshness.wish I were at that consignment store that day - I would have fought you for them! :)

    Anyway...coming over from the bold and beautiful linky...I love the peaceful look of your seems to match your home! Love your mantel on the header. The brown words going through the brown wreath are a wee bit hard to read however...

    I think that's about it...loving looking through your stuff! :)

  14. That is a really soothing room. I have "washing all my slipcovers" on my "to-do" list too.I hope I get to them soon. Make it a good week!


  15. Aw man I hate hate hate washing my white slipcovers they are so hard to get back on. Hope you are surviving the cold! Great blog.


  16. I love your slipcovered furniture. It happens to be my latest obsession. I'm thinking of getting the IKEA stuff since it's so affordable. This room with the lovely mantel is so relaxing. I can see why you love it. Well done.

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