Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Hydrangeas...

Happy {hot} Summer!!!
 I don't know about you, but where I am...

IT"S HOT. And steamy.

And these babies aren't quite as happy as they were in these photos...

but it's so nice to see them again in all their glory.

As of this spring...
and because of all my hard work in the garden :~)
I now have 8 of these wrapping around one corner and side of the house.

and right now they're not agreeing on what color they are.

but this is my favorite.....

and hopefully they will all be gettin' the message.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

more soon....


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  1. Fabulous blossoms. So pretty and this winter you'll have these great photos to enjoy and plan more for spring.

  2. they are beautiful - if you want them to be blue put rusty nails in the soil...! -Natalie

  3. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. Oh so pretty!! I have two and they, too, are multi-colored. Want more!!!

  5. So gorgeous! I tried to grow one last year and it didn't work out so well. I will try again...

  6. OH MY FAVORITE!!! But mine NEVER looked *that* good. I don't know what I am doing wrong...too much sun, not enough water, calling them nasty names? Maybe you could write a tutorial about exactly what kind of hard work you did this spring to produce such lovelies? I need help.

  7. Here in moderate Humboldt my hydrangeas are barely blooming. I don't know what is wrong. Last year they looked like yours. My pink one is blooming on the back of the plant, facing the house. The white one is starting to produce flowers all over, and my newest, the blue has not put out any flowers. Mine are in pots and I cut them way back each year. Wahhh I want mine to look like yours! I agree with Iris tutorial please!! PS I use Miracle grow once a week on them and all my flowers, but organic on my food items.

  8. Lovely, beautiful and so very pretty!

  9. Lovely hydrangeas. They look so nice and cool. And it is very hot in Texas right now, so I hear you about the heat.

  10. Thanks for lovin' on my hydrangeas, everybody!
    And thanks for the rusty nail tip, Natalie... I will definitely be trying that, since I hate to spend money on some fancy "blue hydrangea potion" from the garden center :-$
    So Iris and allysgrandma would like a tutorial... I will have to get on that and see what kind of wisdom I can impart. Thanks for the visits, y'all! xo ~ osc

  11. Such gorgeous hydrangeas! I couldn't get your Contact button to work. Just wanted you to know that you’ve just been featured on my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday post, where I like to introduce new bloggers. You should be receiving visitors shortly. Welcome to the blogging neighborhood!

  12. Visiting from Cozy Little House. Your hydrangea are beautiful. Wonder if they will all be the same color next year. I do think I like the blue ones the best though. I have some Limelight ones and they are a gorgeous lime green and open to a pretty white. Check them out if you're interesting in some different varieties.

  13. Beautiful hydrangeas! They are such a wonderful shrub arent they? I love the variety of coloured blooms even on the same plant - we have a few bushes of these too in our garden.
    So happy to have found your blog via Brendas CozyLittle House blog where she has featured you.
    Gill x

  14. Welcome to blogland!

    Brenda at Cozy Little House sent me over here to say hi.

    I want to invite you to my Bunny Hop blog party. It is a way for new bloggers to network with other new bloggers.

    Come on over a take a look :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  15. I too, is one of the featured bloggers at Cozy Little House this morning.

    When I first came to visit your blog, I gasped. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! I have tried pink and blue, but end up with white, even with soil amendments. I love them none the less. Hopefully that last bloom of yours either shares the secret with the other plants, or at least keeps doing the same thing year after year.

    Being in Nebraska...I know all about hot and steamy this year.

  16. I am popping over to say hello, I saw you were featured on the Welcome wagon. I want you to work your magic on my hydrangeas because I only have ONE bloom on each plant. Dang your are just beautiful. I peaked at a couple of your posts and your home is lovely, I am one of those crazy ones that love WHITE. I am going to check out some more posts, nice to have met ya.

  17. I Love hydrangeas. They are my favorite summer shrub. They are so cooling to look at.
    Since I had thought we would be moving sooner then later, I put a few in they are struggling in this heat..I keep them going, although I have to say I think the blooms are done now...sad to see them go. Even watering once a day the flowers dried out...
    Yours were beauiful..I Love the blue best too. Mine also went from blue to pink and a kind of greenish in between! Funny. I would Love to wrap a porch with them, if I had a porch!

  18. These are so beautiful!!! You are so lucky to have these growing in your garden. I bet they are even more lovely to see in person!

    Here in Phoenix, everything gets dried and crunchy, then dies from the extreme heat (I think it's supposed to be 112 today...ugh!) I might need oven mitts to drive my car today...ha ha!

    -pamela :)

  19. Visiting from Cozy Little House. You have a beautiful blog and home! Following you, looking forward to upcoming posts. Diane

  20. That would be my favourite colour too. I'm visiting from Cozy Little House today. A beautiful new blog to follow, yay!

  21. I too stopped in from Cozy Little House, your hydrangeas are glorious! Mine are barely alive due to 34 days of 100+ heat. I enjoyed seeing yours and want to know if you put anything in your soil and if so what? Mine, when blooming are always pink.

  22. I'm popping by from Cozy Little House. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. I love mine, but don't have the bright colours that you do. Just lovely!

  23. These flowers are so beautiful. I love how they make your house more lively and beautiful.

  24. Hi This is my first visit. I found you while checking out a few blogs. It is December and I'm already dreaming about gardening. Love, love, love your hydrangeas! The colors are gorgeous. I have 3 hydrangea bushes and only one is flourishing! My limelight is huge and gorgeous (that is during gardening season). My blushing bride didn't bloom at all this year (my husband cut it down in the fall) I was told not to cut them back because they grow on dead wood.

    what is your secret? Your blog is lovely


  25. O Hydrangeas, I adore them and my favorite color is also the one you picked, Your bushes are wonderful. Thanks for posting this, it is cold here and just looking at these beautiful blooms has made me happy today.


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